Break Away from Uniformity with Curved Lines


It is easy for interior architecture to appear boxy, since most structural or built-in elements are inherently geometric. While this is deliberate in certain interior styles, such as traditional colonial or contemporary design, it can become underwhelming in other instances. 

A simple way to avoid uniformity and add variation to an otherwise geometric space is through incorporating curved lines. Elements with curved lines introduce a sense of elegance and comfort, in addition to creating visual interest. 

Since there are countless ways to integrate curved lines into a space, we turned to current designers for inspiration. Here are three ways that Marcus Mohon Interiors used curved lines in their Southern Living Idea House to create a cozy retreat.


1. The Grand Window

This large curved window acts as an interesting focal point for the living space, as well as a relief from the room's geometric lines. Additionally, the linear mullions within the window tie back into the geometric shapes of the furniture, therefore combining curved and straight lines. 


Looking for that Oak Grill Chair in the corner? We have four!

2. The Curved Portal

Installing a curved doorway instead of a traditional one makes this formal dining space more whimsical and welcoming. Not only does this door let in plenty of natural light, but it also softens the linear beams on the ceiling with its arch. 


3. The Playful Pendant

These curved industrial pendants are the perfect compliment to this tall and narrow laundry station. They delineate the path through the space, and draw the eye up to the dynamic ceiling. Even though they are small in proportion to the space, their shape reflects the other small curves in the woodwork, further harmonizing the room.


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