Architectural Antiques is an essential part of creating new environments from the old, for just over forty years. Here, we believe in the combination of an antique architectural element's original historic use with fresh inspiration and vision to create unique spaces and an even more personal build. We help to create the ambiance, nostalgia, and elegance to make a lasting difference in your environment.

Examples of our antique architectural elements, their integration, and design work that is inspired by them, can be found nationally in homes, businesses, restaurants, and even film. The unusual history of these vintage artifacts is a fascinating resource for story after story, and even more interesting, is their future when these pieces are incorporated into fresh design ideas.

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Architectural Antiques takes that extra step to help our customers integrate their favorite items into their surroundings. From providing creative ideas to orchestrating the installation process, our knowledgeable staff understands each step in creating a beautiful environment.

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Always Talked About

Written about and featured time and again in the most prominent magazines of interior design, antiques, and restoration for more than 40 years! 



With our ever changing inventory you can never tell what unique, funky item or antique architectural element is meant to grace our store today or tomorrow. Here are just a few of the items that have passed through Architectural Antiques in the past. If you see something you like from this archive, or if you happened to have missed a one-of-a-kind element from the past, be sure to let us know because we most likely have something close. We would love help you find your next inspired piece!