three pillars masonic home


In a past salvage, we traveled to the Wisconsin State Historical Society’s Masonic Home in Dousman, WI. The land was originally used as a Wisconsin Premium Farm and farmhouse back in 1836 until 1873 when inventor-manufacturer George Washington van Brut built the mansion that showcased the Premium Farm. The farmland was later improved and presented to the Grand Masonic Lodge as a elderly living home in 1905. After years of raising funds, the Wisconsin Masonic Home opened in 1923 and included a hospital in 1925.

Serving as a dream home for senior members of the community and Wisconsin at large throughout the rest of the 20th century, it became difficult for the historic home to meet senior living codes and regulations. In 2006, the residents were moved to new facilities at the Three Pillars campus, and the Masonic Home was used for storage purposes. It was difficult to upkeep the home, and the decision was made to restore the land back to its original condition. While the lovely architecture will be destroyed, we were fortunate enough to save some of the 20th century beauty of the Masonic Home.


We salvaged many maple built-in cabinet and transom door units that showcase the simple beauty and quality craftsmanship of the early 20th century.


This shelving unit was purchased from us, and turned into a wine bottle shelf.





A collection of commercial kitchen items including heavy duty wooden cooler doors, a stainless steel prep unit, and butcher block table perfect for creating an industrial look.


We even salvaged this unique barber chair from the barbershop for the residents of the home.