That is one question we get asked in the store continually. 
The answer is easy, sort of:throughout deconstruct process we meticulously remove the elements ourselves from a variety of buildings.  
Then we set up this inventory in our store. 
That means dirt, sweat and hard work. We're a salvage company - it's what we do! 


We strive to reclaim viable architectural artifacts that can be reused in other residential or business applications. Over 93% of building demolitions end up in landfills. We're trying to reduce this figure by recycling and reusing unique and historical architectural elements. 

We are always looking for new salvages. If you know of a pre-1950's home, building, theater or church in your area that is slated for removal, let us know. Our team will visit the site, assess the opportunity and present a professional bid. We'll even pay you a "finder's fee" if our bid is accepted. 

When our bid is accepted, we work within demolition timetables to remove the elements quickly and efficiently with a fully insured salvage crew. 
From time to time, we will also purchase individual items from private sellers. Please contact us if you have an architectural antique you are interested in selling.


We purchase large quantities of Antique Ecclesiastical Elements, Antique Religious Elements & Antique Church Building Elements of any shape and size.
Religious Elements & Salvaged Church Building Items Such As:

  • Unique & Antique Church and Religious Ceremonial Items

  • Stone, Plaster & Marble Statuary - Stained Glass Windows

  • Lighting - Stations - Candelabra & Lamps - Tabernacles

  • Sanctuary Altars and Furnishings in Wood, Iron or Marble

  • Pews - Stoles & Vestments - Chalices & Ciboria

  • Holy Water Fonts & Receptacles - Crucifixes - Censers

  • Sacred Vessels - Monstrances - Mass & Sick Call sets.

  • Plus any other items of Religious Significance. 

  • Stained & Leaded Glass Windows.

  • Vintage Light Fixtures of any size

  • Garden & Yard Items & StatuaryVintage Plumbing & HardwareMantels & Built-insDoors & WoodworkIron Fencing & Decorative IronFront & Back BarsReligious Elements & Ecclesiastical Artifacts

We are always interested in purchasing any of the above items individually or in large quantities.

We also pay a finder's fee for leads that result in purchase.

We purchase salvage rights to entire church buildings before demolition!


Send photos or contact us by mail at:          

Architectural Antiques
1330 Quincy Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Or you can call us: 612-332-8344

Or by Email to: andy@archantiques.com