peter's grill salvage

Removing Peter's Grill

Take one final look at Peter's Grill from indoors

Posted by Architectural Antiques on Saturday, January 4, 2014

The historic Peter’s Grill closed in June 2013 with a heavy heart after ninety-nine years. Peter Atsidakos and his family ran the family business which first started as a fruit stand and then transformed into a restaurant. Peter’s Grill remained in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis until Atsidakos announced its closing. He says letting go of the place was hard and that he was not ready for retirement.


It is sad to see Peter’s Grill go during its final stages, and we helped save a part of the landmark which can now yours. We removed Peter Grill’s pieces, including booths, counters, and stools. The low-height counters and stools belong together. We have over 60 aluminum green stools from the machine and industrial age manufactured by the General Fireproofing Company. The stools are collectible items, however, Atsidakos kept the more collectible stool President Clinton sat in and several booths. Fun fact: Aluminum chairs made their first appearance in 1924, and the General Fireproofing Company started manufacturing aluminum chairs in 1929.

Peter’s Grill was replaced by The Hen House Eatery opening 2014 March.