Original G Service


This is a fully functioning 12’’ diameter signal and search light that has been in use since its production in the 40’s. 

This amazing piece is a must have for any collector of nautical memorabilia, or any connoisseur of U.S. Naval history worth his weight in salt water. This antique light was produced by the Curtis Lighting company based right here in the U.S.! This particular piece has a serial number that dates it to the 1940’s and was put into mass production by Curtis Lighting, Inc. out of Chicago, Illinois, to fill the need for our Navy’s signal men.


This type of light, while used prior to WWII found its true calling during the naval campaigns from 1941-1945.  Naval signal lights have had a long and prosperous history in our Navy. Unfortunately, in 2004, the U.S. Navy put the signal men program out of service The newest forms of communication made them obsolete in the eyes of those in charge of spending. This extremely rare and unique light has many functional uses outside of coordinating attacks on the open water. It would look great in any industrial setting or just as reading light during those long, dark, cold, winter nights. 


Who needs 4G service when you can have the original G service and can signal any neighbor, day or night, up to two miles away, telling them you are having a BBQ party on Friday night with a 1,000 watt signal beam?!