In the spring of 2005 the owners of the Mark Morton Estate located in Carol Stream (Wheaton), Illinois decided to sell the valuable 63 acre plot of land.  The 8,000 square foot Georgian Mansion built in 1930 had fallen into disrepair and the land out valued the home.  In April of 2005 Architectural Antiques bought the salvage rights to 3 solid paneled rooms.

The home was built in June of 1930 by renowned architect, Howard Cheney of Chicago.  Trained as an engineer and architect.

Cheney was well known for his work; he was the supervising architect for the construction of the Chicago Tribune Tower in Chicago, the Public Buildings Branch of the Treasury Department in Washington D.C. and many other government buildings throughout the United States.

Mark Morton's home featured an abundance of architectural substance. The estate home featured 30 foot carved limestone columns and door surrounds. Three paneled rooms each paneled room was built of solid 7/8” hardwood and feature a 20' by 36; walnut paneled room with its seven French door units with cast brass hardware, an oversize Italian marble fireplace surround and walnut and oak parquet floors. Hand carved floral ropes and swags graced doorways and window headers and a 7 piece crown molding completed the room. Two additional paneled rooms were placed on the second. One being a rosewood bedroom with a connecting library of quarters-sawn oak. Both with featured over-sized decorative mantles.

Various parts of this historical home were broken up and spread across the country, Architectural Antiques took the three salvaged rooms back to Minneapolis, and they were reconstructed piece by piece in our showroom.  The walnut room has already found a new home in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Its master craftsmanship and warmth will be appreciated for years to come.