Incorporating Neon Signage Into Home Decor


Neon signs, introduced in 1910 at the Paris Motor Show, are produced by the craft of bending glass tubing into shapes. Even though nowadays light-emitting diode (LED) technology has replaced neon as the most frequently used signage, neon light has never fallen out of our attention. Because of the use of different materials, neon is more vibrant, warm, welcoming, and more like art than just a sign, while LED signs tend to be more industrial and sleek. Neon signs are more romantic and elegant, with an old-time nostalgia, while LED signs are more modern and cold. We notice there is a comeback trend of the neon. Here are our interpretations of why the neon is so popular in interior design.

Focal Point:
Neon is a great and unique way to add a focal point to the design of a space. A focal point in a room is the area that doesn’t only draw attention, but also creates a lasting impression. Using a neon sign as the focal point makes it highly visible, adds a splash of light, and gives an intimate and cozy look.

One of the simplest ways to add personality to your home is by incorporating color. Trends come and go, but color always can evoke the emotional and psychological experience. The most common way of incorporating colors is background paints and wallpapers. However, if you prefer neutral colors as the dominating palette, but also want to add a splash of fun to the space, a neon sign would be a great pick. It introduces a hint of bold colors and keeps it simple.

Incorporating Exterior Elements:
An unpredictable and uncontroversial way of designing a room is to bring the outside elements to the inside. By incorporating exterior elements, it creates a harmonious flow from the neighborhood to the room, and contrast between the hardness of the exterior décor and the softness of the home furniture.

Interior Design Is Telling A Story:
Every detail of the design conveys your aesthetics, your experience, what you believe in, and what you want to share. From this point of view, is there any decoration better than an antique neon sign? The variation of shapes, pictograms, and typography conveys different messages of a sign. The integration of lights adds even more possibilities to express characters in interior design.

Some inspirational design ideas on Apartment Therapy

Here are some stories behind neon signage at Architectural Antiques:

Frenchy’s Café is from a small town in Minnesota and was stored for the last 30 years in a barn until we found it! It’s reminescent of early morning breakfast, coffee and ‘short orders’.

The Liquor store sign came from West St Paul where is weathered to the perfect patina since the 60’s atop a liquor store. The neon, when lit is a bright, arresting red- original and still in working order!

The bakery sign is from Springfield, Minnesota where it covered the entire front of the bakery on Main Street, USA.


Who doesn’t remember Tom Thumb- the iconic convenient store/pharmacy started in 1948.

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