FOXVILLE - Incorporating salvaged treasures


Incorporating salvaged treasures into new construction adds beauty and charm, which enhances the quality and ambiance of this home. Individual panels of turn-of-the-century iron, which are highlighted by their installation; the front entry doors setting the tone. An architectural piece of iron provides protection, as their original intent and enhances the entry with quality in the combination of iron and quarter sawn oak.


Inside the home, iron is also utilized.  Within a simple frame in an interior wall, panels of iron are treated like fine art. The iron’s designs are emphasized as light falls upon the finely shaped curves, outlining line and shape. Seen from room to room, the iron unifies the space as it is also utilized in the staircase, creating an abundance of visual interest.


A massive terracotta capital creates the base for a console table.

Bronze cresting is installed over the cooking range. These pieces original use was for exterior ornamentation and are now utilized in a unique manner, transforming statements of classical tradition into something new and fun.


The bronze post office box adds a touch of playfulness.


Leaded and stained glass provides a soft and filtered light from the prismatic glass tiles over picture windows


An impressive display of American Arts and Crafts ingenuity is found in the French doors which lead to a study. The detail and design is reminiscent of the work by George Maher, truly a great find for the owner when hunting for the salvaged treasures to be included in his home.


A massive cooler, converted into wine storage and cellar.


A sense of whimsy is felt in the original neon signage.


Materials from Architectural Antiques

Terra Cotta Capitols
Hand Wrought Iron Panels
Prismatic Glass
Cast Bronze Pulls
Cast Bronze Post Box
Cast Bronze Cresting
Bronze Decorative Grill
Q-Sawn Ice Box Cooler
French Doors with Leaded Glass panels
Original Neon Signage