2016: The worlds of fashion and décor collide

Fashion was once a true driver inthe world of interiors,  and now the two are working together again.  Examples of fashion and décor's 'collision' are the publications of the Wall Street Journal's interior design trends and ELLE and Vogue fashion trends prediction all within the same week, all of which featured old-world ornamentation, Spanish influence, and Scandinavian patterns in fashion and in interiors.  

“We need to stop looking at the worlds of fashion and decor as two separate worlds. If you feel strongly about the world of fashion, it should be reflected in your home as well.” says Gretchen Aubuchon, editor in chief at Fashion + Décor.

At Architectural Antiques, we also believe fashion and interior design should be a personal design statement and join together.  Why? Articles and videos that feature tours of home interiors are becoming more and more popular among lifestyles bloggers and youtubers.   We believe this is an indication that people are starting to dress their homes with the same style statements as they dress themselves....and plus, it’s a lot more fun!

Here are design elements we have found that interior design and fashion share in 2016:


Pantone colors of the year are a great indicator of the design trends. This year, Pantone has come out with two:  a cool tone of Serenity Blue and the warm tone of Rose Quartz. They not only bring a soft, soothing, and lively hint, but also allows us to break out of a design rut with sugary colors chosen as the "it" colors.
But, why not? Aubuchon said in her interview: “Our lives are not beige and why would we dress in colors and come home to nothing but beige?” Why can't we wear and live with the colors that make us happy?

Playful and dramatic interiors

An important piece of evidence that playful and dramatic interiors are trending?  Old world ornamentation is back!  The runway and home décor trends are filled with fringe, leaves and floral, carving, and details. Designer Kirill Istomin said: "It can communicate a feeling of playfulness.”  Designer Tobi Fairley agreed: “People want the traditional and dressy, with a shot of nostalgia,"  The ornaments can "soften the austerity of modern upholstery”.


What do we love about 2016 design trends?

Soothing, lively, playful… and unique - the predicted trends can be represented in a variety of ways.  Just like in fashion, your home décor is a statement of your character. Trends come and go, and may repeat or come back again after a few years but personal style is one that lasts.   

What do we recommend?

Find your own style and do what brings you joy. When creating a home, fill it with things that make you feel good. They will bring happy memories and help you make new ones. 

Think about decorating your home in the way you might pick accessories or in the same style as what you like to wear.  There is always a commonality in what you like and it generally works in both realms- in color, pattern and style.  

As you expand and create your own personal style it will become less dependent on trends but more focused on what individuals actually like, transcending into a higher quality in what we may find in our homes and in what we wear.