Denny Kemp Salon


Reusing something old is brought to a dramatic art form at Denny Kemp Salon in Minneapolis.
Artist of hair and space, owner Denny Kemp uses his own creative eye in revamping a unique art deco building nestled in a small triangle of northeast Minneapolis


Complete door entrances salvaged from the Veterans Administration Building circa 1906 in Des Moines, Iowa are used to create a focal point and dramatic entrances into shampoo and color room.  Each entrance, over twelve feet in height were salvaged in one piece, complete with leaded glass window and entry door, making installation easy and uniform.

Once installed, the transformation began on these classic, colonial style entries.


Color and texture is at play in the main entrance of the salon, as one entrance is surrounded by sheets of corrugated plastic, while the other frames the entrance to the back color room. Monochromatic grays are paired with bright hues of reds and pinks giving the area depth.  Local artist, John Grider was commissioned, adding character and interest with graphic paintings that fills the wall across the doorways.


Layers of grey are applied in multiple stages to create a rich, sparkling, deep tone.


Lighting also plays an important role in this space.  A superb mix of antique crystal chandeliers are found throughout the salon.  Over the shampoo area, the clientelle are able to lay back and relax while viewing a set of three matching chandeliers of iron, bronze and crystal salvaged from a federal building near Canon, Pennslyvania.


A highly decorative bronze and crystal chandelier illuminates the hallway, its unique beauty is emphasized by the dark brown ceiling.


When attention was turned to the design of the front of the building, Denny sought a lighting fixture that would work with the narrow space that was surrounded by windows that faces busy Central Avenue.  Listening to Denny’s needs and ideas, a custom built light fixture was designed by Architectural Antiques which resulted in a 14 foot, 3 tiered crystal chandelier which takes advantage of the visibility of the salon and fills the space with ropes of hand strung crystals.  The crystals pool onto the top of a glass table which shares its space with an original 1920's marble statue, also supplied by Architectural Antiques.


What is evident and exciting at the Denny Kemp Salon is Denny's eye for design and his appreciation for the classic beauty and quality found in antique architectural elements especially in a grand scale.  The play between old and new or antique and contemporary gives each style its own emphasis, highlighting the qualities of each selected piece as they share the same environment.