Mantle celebrates over 100 Christmas’s!


December 22 2008

“Hey Andy- not sure if you remember me, maybe you'll remember the fireplace mantel. You pulled it out of a house in Sioux City, IA and we bought it from you in July.  We just recently had it installed. It took awhile because we had to completely reline the chimney and re-brick the firebox before we could put in the mantel, and so we finally finished the project last week.  It looks like it's always been here...Anyway, we LOVE it and thanks again!! We're now addicted to this room!  ha
Pictured is my wife Jenny and our new baby daughter, Frances, who was born Monday, Dec. 15th.  She loves the fireplace too. You guys have a great business and I've recommended you to many friends. 
Thanks again... Happy Holidays! 
Mike Moriarity
Iowa City, IA”

Of course we remember you and that wonderful mantle and we are thrilled to see it re-used in such a perfect setting and enjoyed by your entire family!


The mantle was originally removed from a home in Sioux City, Iowa which was slated for demolition. This faux finish slate mantle was a superb example late nineteenth century decorative painting and construction. Fine details, such as the Moorish influenced iron and geometric motifs provides a balance of decoration with the intricate marble finishes and rich ebony black. The mantle is unforgettable!
The mantle is also considered to be very unique as it came apart in over twenty pieces and featured four complete slate columns. As slate can be quite fragile, it's also rare that the surround has made it over 120 years complete and intact. (We also remember numbering each piece and safely loading it into your Prius! A bit of a puzzle…)
Thank you for sharing the completed project.  It's very rewarding for us to see where these treasures end up, how they are re-used and recycled.