Company Overview

Architectural Antiques bids on sites slated for demolition which presents a great opportunity to salvage, deconstruct, and repurpose items from the entire United States and save these pieces from the landfill. In over forty years Architectural Antiques has amassed a sizable collection of antique architectural pieces! With over 25,000 square feet of retail space, Architectural Antiques is one of the largest retail operations that sells unique and original artifacts; such as vintage light fixtures, stained glass, built-ins, hardware, fireplace mantels, and ecclesiastical elements.

Salvaging vintage pieces is certainly not new to Architectural Antiques and there is satisfaction in knowing that each piece that passes through the store is on its way to a new environment. For those who believe that a single element has the ability to transform a room or building into something of beauty and harmony, then Architectural Antiques is the place for you; a place where that transformation is elevated to an art form. While an antique architectural element is not a painting to be hung on a wall, it is still art. Being surrounded by revitalized artifacts of the past has the power to inspire the people and environment around it. For this reason alone, some of the top designers in the country look for inspiration from Architectural Antiques.


Architectural Antiques' philosophy is to do more than just redeem antique architectural elements from homes and buildings slated for destruction. "We take great pleasure in giving back to the very communities we salvage from!" says owner Scott Anderson. "We truly believe that by integrating a single element, we can edify and inspire... celebrating life, work, and helping to create memories and romance. Deconstruction and repurposing takes intent, combined with passion to give a new breath of life to these vintage relics." Integrating past environments into yours are more than just words to Architectural Antiques, and creating new environments that fit your life is a job taken seriously.


The staff at Architectural Antiques takes great satisfaction in salvaging items, many of them historic buildings that otherwise would have been destroyed or delivered to a landfill, and strives to make an impact on the very communities where many buildings are demolished. This includes a method of meticulously removing objects to preserve the original integrity and ensure reuse, restoring antique light fixtures, and finding creative ways to reuse and integrate antique salvaged architectural elements. We recognize that it always takes extra effort to step beyond the sterile building or mundane design and our staff is here to help. Our staff boasts a full knowledge about the inventory - from when it was created, period, style, historical significance, and original uses. As carefully as these objects are removed, we also digitally document them with an artistic eye to provide these unique items to the public online. There is a shared appreciation among the employees at Architectural Antiques; for the treasures we procure and their ability to create the ambiance, nostalgia, and elegance that make a lasting difference in any environment. Those who dare to make that step into the past we not only remember, but admire, and even collect their work. We believe that the persona an antique architectural element provides is unmistakable in any project.