Coming into Architectural Antiques you are overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful and one of a kind pieces fill the walls, ceiling, and even the floors. But even in here certain pieces stand out. The history, the glamour, and the scale of some pieces catch your eye no matter what’s around. This chandelier that was chosen by Abella Wedding + Events is one of those pieces.
This light is the statement piece of the whole space. When looking to mix rustic farm aesthetic, clean lines and antique décor, take Abella’s new wedding barn as a perfect example! This lavish Italian chandelier was chosen out of the chaos, and with its innumerable glittering crystals it will give any viewer pause. Twenty four lights encircle the elegant brass perimeter, around which hundreds of faceted crystals cascade down into a graceful bowl shape. Seventeen additional lights illuminate the interior, creating a warm glow from the inside out. Originally a focal point in a church nave, Our Lady of Lourdes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this fixture has found a new home as the centerpiece to many amazing ceremonies to come.